Review: Omamori by Hanson Chien & Yao Continuing with our theme of wood imbued with magical properties (ala our previous
神木 is a beautiful name for the effect, although in my humble opinion, a more accurate translation for 神木 would be Spirit Wood or
As the last autumn leaves fall and the trees turn bare, our days begin to grow shorter. For many of
Over the weekend I got to know a spirited young boy who’s just starting his journey in the world of magic. He did an
So when I reviewed Dee Christopher’s Razor Wallet the other day, I mentioned that I also use it to carry around my favourite packet
Since my recent review here on NingThing about one of my favourite mentalism wallets, I’ve been requested by readers from all around the world
I was chatting with a couple of magician buddies this morning about some of our favourite gaff wallets and despite all of us coming
Now that COVID-19 is thankfully under control and places are starting to open up again, I do get emails from magicians asking for recommendations