If you have always found Troy Hooser’s Charming Chinese Challenge to be a beautiful coin routine (it really is) but were daunted by all
As I’m recuperating from the side effects of the Moderna vaccine, I thought I’d take some time out to share about one of my
Not all coin tricks are created equal. Not all coin gaffs are created equal. Does this make cents? Or are you not yet coin-vinced?
You may already be aware that there’s an awesome smorgasbord of highly visual Rubik’s Cube magic available today, so I thought I’d just share
If you’re a magician looking to add some fun pizzazz from the usual cards and coin tricks in your repertoire that would really shake
Every now and then, whenever a respected professional releases a gem from their own working repertoire, I’d sit up and pay close attention. But
In the world of magic, there’s a category that I like to call “by the way/ in your face” magic… visual stuff that happens
A couple of months ago, just before revamping, I’d reviewed David Regal’s Color Changing Knives which he had just released in time for