About the NingThing.com video

Some folks have asked about the quirky little video of yours truly interviewing, well… yours truly ūüėČ

The 4 minute video¬†was a fun project that I shot a while¬†back¬†(around¬†the same time I was filming the Summer’s Eve Singapore commercial, when my hair was still blonde) before I cut my hair √† la the vivacious Ruby¬†Rose in Orange Is The New Black.

My buddy Caleb Ming gallantly helped me out for this project, while talented make-up artist Sherry Lew worked her magic as well, so I could effectively pull off two different looks. I was aiming for a yin/yang opposites thing Рso we had the dumpy interviewer wear a white jacket over layers of t-shirts, along with fake geeky glasses and a hearty appetite, while the other Ning was pretty much in funky hair and clothes.

Initially we were all set to start recording at the original venue, when the weather suddenly turned CRAZY bad. It almost became a dramatic Macbeth moment with the three evil witches and fair-is-foul weather, so we had to vacate quickly because it was just impossible to achieve a clean sound recording with the unforgiving storm constantly crashing loudly above our heads.

So off to Sherry’s cozy flat located on¬†the other side of Singapore it was… and though it was a completely different look from what we originally had in mind (hipster cool with a quaint splash of old school), I believe all things happen for a reason and¬†the white curtains at the end¬†do lend a soft feminine touch that I did not anticipate but have come to appreciate.

It was a fun process that wrapped up much earlier than I expected, despite all that earlier panic because of the last minute¬†change of location… and Ming, the editing genius, made our final product¬†look pretty good. It¬†was exactly what we wanted – two sides of Ning personified in one goofy little video!

To be honest, the initial cut was double the length of the video right now… I decided to chop it up and make things tighter so it’d be short and sweet. There was actually more books and magic featured in the bits that did not make the final cut, but I guess they can always make an appearance in another video on NingThing!

I think if anyone cared to really know me (or read my books), they’d realise that Magic Babe Ning was simply a larger-than-life character I played on stage and on TV; the real Ning Cai is so much more complicated than that sexy two-time¬†FHM cover girl¬†who eats fire and escapes from straitjackets and magic boxes.

RIP Magic Babe

Yours truly as Magic Babe Ning with favourite katana in a photoshoot, circa May 2009 (way back when I had long hair!)

PS: Midweek Wednesday is coming up… we’ve more reviews rolling your way. Stay tuned!


Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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