Review: ACE by Richard Sanders

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NFW (No F…ing Way) is probably one of the best pocket card tricks ever developed. Well, Richard Sanders has taken a similar principle and method used in NFW with ACE and made it into an even better trick by using a better routine, better gimmick, and more importantly, a better handling so that the magic happens in the spectator’s hands.

The basic effect with Ace is as follows: you show four jokers. Two jokers are openly and clearly placed faced down into the spectator’s hands. The remaining two jokers are clearly shown in your hands. Then with a snap and a whistle (no need to whistle) the jokers in the spectator’s hands and your own hands all change to the four Ace’s when they are turned over. It is quick, extremely visual, and easy to do. I would be hard pressed to find a more magical and visual card pocket trick done in the spectator’s than Ace by Richard Sanders.

You will receive the customed made cards and a specially prepared gimmick card. The “stuff” used on the special gimmciked card should last a very , very long time, perhaps even the life of the cards if you follow Richard’s tips on how to protect the card whe nnot in use. IF need be, yo ucan purhcase repalcements from Richard or you can even make it yourself or jsut get a complete new set of cards. I have been using my set for a year and the “stuff” on teh gimmicked card is still like new.

The DVD is about one hour long. It is professionaly produced and is packed with six different routines on how to use the cards. My favorites are either the basic handling as described above or the Mastrianni handling. The difference between the basic handling and this handling is that in the Mastrianni handling the jokers are first placed FACE UP in the spectator’s hands as opposed to face down in the basic handling. The Mastrianni handling is better in that by placing the jokers initially face up in teh spectator’s hands, the specattor will remember that they were actually holding the face up jokers in their hands before the change occurs and, therefore, will psycholigically create a stronger impact.

Richard thoroughly explains the moves and also does go over the psychology and the subtilties of the moves. Richard Sanders also goes over quite a bit of pro tips.  The DVD also contains several live performances in the stuidio and on the street.

WIth regards to difficulty, the moves for the basic handling are very easy. A novice will be able to do this effect within a few practice runs. The Mastrianni handling will require a bit more practice, but again within reach of even a beginner. There is even a no sleight routine covered in the DVD, but I think with just a little practice the other routines including the basic handling and the Mastrianni handling can be done by anyone.

While the cards that come with the DVD are red back bicycle cards, you can actually set up this trick using any back design of your choice. The cost for this outstanding trick and DVD is only around $20.00. Ace by Richard Sanders is a modern classic and should be in every close-up magician’s aresenal. Highly recommended.

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