Review: Anniversary Waltz (Special Cards and Online Instructions) by Garrett Thomas and Doc Eason

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: Michael Siegel”][vc_column_text]There a few card tricks that can be considered classic. Anniversary Waltz by Docc Eason is a true classic card trick that almost every close-up magician has and continues to perform. Doc Eason along with Garett Thomas have re-released this great effect with a new deck of cards made specially to dramatically increase the impact of this already strong effect along with online video performances and instructions of the classic handling by Doc Eason and a new handling by Garett Thomas.

Anniversary Waltz is one of the best if not the best, card tricks ever created. This is the perfect trick to perform for a couple or at a wedding. The basic effect is that two people each select a card and sign the face of their selected card. The cards are lost in the deck. The performer locates the signed, selected cards, but the two separate cards are now fused together as one single card still with the spectators’ signatures still on the now double face card. The card is given out as a souvenir. This is very strong and will create a very strong emotional impact on the spectators.  The only weak point of the original effect was that you could not find the appropriate double face cards to use for the routine. You could find a King of hearts or a Queen of hearts, but never together as a single double face card.  

Doc Eason along with Garrett Thomas has solved that one weakness by offering a new deck of cards specially made for this outstanding effect. The special deck contains 17 Ace of Hearts/2 of Hearts, 16 King of Heats/Queens of Hearts, 21 random cards that can has plenty of writing space on them such as 2s, and 3s, 1 double red back and 1 double blue back. While you can do the trick without these specially made cards, the cards provided by Doc Eason and Garrett Thomas greatly increases the impact of the trick tremendously and is well worth getting the deck along with their routines.

Along with the special deck of cards, you receive an online tutorial for both Doc Eason’s original handling and a new routine taught by Garett Thomas. It should be noted that they are so confident that you will buy the special deck that they are actually allowing you to watch and learn their routines for free. That’s right. You heard me correct. You can watch and learn these routines for free. That’s what I call confidence. You can watch and learn these routines at and judge for yourself. But I know that after watching the online instructional video you will want to buy these special cards deck immediately.

On the online instructional video, you will see a performance by Doc Eason of the classic routine and a thorough explanation. Afterwards, you will see a performance of Anniversary Waltz by Garett Thomas of his version of the routine and a detailed explanation. There are some technical differences between the two. While I have been using Doc Eason’s version for years, I will now be doing Garret Thomas’s version. I think his version and technique adds an extra level of deception in the selection and displaying of the two signed cards and I like that with his version you can do it standing without a table. Then you see these two great magicians discuss the psychology and methods of Anniversary Waltz. It was a real treat to watch these two great magicians discuss and analyze this true classic card trick.

I’ll cut to the chase. Bottom line: get this. Even though the video instructions are free, the $19.95 cost for the special deck is a steal. The new specially made cards greatly enhance the emotional impact of this terrific, powerful effect.  Highly, unequivocally recommended. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest computer and order it. I fact, I am going to order a few more decks. Yes. It is that good.

Magic is our passion but we are not a magic shop ? You can purchase this here!

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