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Known for his creative and lighthearted approach to magic, Chris Webb has been performing and creating for over 15 years. He’s performed all over the U.K. for elite audiences such as the Silverstone Grand Prix, Mercedes, and the BBC. Now he brings his signature creativity right here At The Table. It is unlike anything you’ve ever seen! Here’s what you’ll learn:

Prime: Change the value of a playing card right in front of your spectator’s eyes using a standard deck. A stunning, visual, and clean effect guaranteed to impress!

One by One: A unique spin on the Ambitious Card Routine that includes a surprise final reveal!

Flash: Turn a blank piece of paper into money. A super visual bill change that is easy to perform and instantly resets.

Unknown Force: An incredibly easy force to perform that requires no breaks and looks completely natural!

Tic Tac Toe: A multi-phase coin routine using a Tic Tac box with an impossible ending. The best part is, your spectator can take the box home as a souvenir!

Divine 2.0: A thought-of impromptu Card Across effect that will wow your spectators. A great ender with so much power it’s sure to leave jaws dropped!

Cello Change: An impossible card change, under the cellophane of a wrapped deck. Brilliantly deceiving and easy to perform!

All the Way: The spectator’s signed card magically appears at the top of a deck right in front of their eyes! Simple, visual, and smooth. A great routine for every magician’s repertoire!

Tab: A little bit of “weird” using the tabs on a card box. A quirky little effect that will make your audience chuckle, guaranteed!

Bottom Pinch Force: Another unique card force with a standard deck that only Chris Webb can deliver!

Return of the Big Flap: Show any bill or banknote of any value. A playing card is chosen and marked. In full view, with no switches, instantly the card changes into the bill and the bill into the card. Give the signed card out as a souvenir! No threads or elastics!



I’ve said this before and I will say it again – I LOVE at the table lectures. There is always such a vast array of information in the lectures and at such a great price too! What you get in this at the table lecture is the genius of Chris Webb. There is a lot of gimmicks in this one, so if gimmicks are your cup of tea, read on!

In this 2 hour download, Chris goes over a couple of things, and you can really tell that the way he thinks if not the same as other magicians, he tends to take a rather unique approach to his magic. 

While there is not as much theory in this lecture as compared to other lectures I have reviewed, this lecture makes up for it with a ton of routines, which I think you will appreciate if you enjoy gimmick work.

My personal favourites in this lecture have to be Flash, and Unknown Force. In Flash, you learn how to change a piece of blank paper into money. What I really love about it is how simple it really is, no strings or elastic are required for this, and you can put it together in literally one or two minutes after watching the tutorial. 

I feel that while there is a ton of gimmick work in here (which he goes through very clearly so that you can make everything yourself), there is still stuff for everyone in here. There is a routine with a tic tac box which is rather brilliant, and there is also ungimmicked stuff like The Unknown Force 

As for Unknown Force, I really like how simple and effective it is, I think its one of those moves where once you start practicing it, you probably wont put it down for awhile because its just so addictive to do. You will fool yourself with how fair this looks. 

If you like ambitious card stuff, then Chris also goes through two routines in here which may help you visually differentiate yourself from other magicians doing ACR too. Difficulty wise, if you are currently already doing an ACR, I don’t believe that it should pose any challenge for you at all. 

If you are a fan of Chris and would like to know more about his thought processes, throughout this lecture, Dave also asks Chris questions on who his inspirations in magic are, and other questions like what is the best and worst advice you can get as a magician etc.  

Oh yes, Chris also throws in a couple of magician foolers in this lecture, so really, if you have $7.95 to spare, and you would like to learn a ton of gimmicked stuff and just see Chris’s approach to magic, I would say you really have nothing to lose by picking this up. 



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