Review: CineMental by Nikolas Mavresis

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Nikolas Mavresis’ Cinemental is a blockbuster two-phase mentalism routine that will leave your spectators begging for a sequel.

The first phase gives you the power to reveal any movie your spectator has selected under test conditions. They select a movie, they shuffle it back in, and without ever needing to look at the cards, you know exactly the movie they are thinking of. No marks, no peeks, you can even perform this blindfolded.

But it gets even better! In the second phase, you make an open prediction and the spectator deals cards face up, freely stopping at any point they want. Without any switching of any kind, the card they’ve stopped at ALWAYS matches your prediction. No multiple outs, and there are is only one prediction ever in play. Once you know the secret, you’ll smile to yourself at how clever the method truly is.

“I was involved in the visual design of the Cinemental deck, but had nothing to do with the actual effect. The way the Cinemental deck works is a great combination of different methods that allows a killer one -two punch that will fry spectators.”
– Phil Smith

  • Unique movie artwork of well-known classic films designed by Phil Smith
  • Quality cards printed by USPCC
  • A super easy-to-do method – it’s almost self-working!
  • Two and three phase versions included in the instructions
  • No fishing, no multiple outs, no progressive anagrams of any kind
  • No markings, no Svengali, no rough and smooth
  • No peaking at any point
  • No sleight of hand required
  • Prediction effect that utilizes a unique method that has fried even the most seasoned magicians and mentalists.
  • Perfect for close-up, parlor, strolling or street magic.

Cinemental packages the familiar hook of classic movies, the unique art designs of Phil Smith, and the craftiness of Nikolas Mavresis into a blockbuster experience that your spectators won’t soon forget.

Cinemental, now playing in a magic shop near you.


Cinemental is a fabulous two-phase mind reading and prediction routine by Nikolas Mavresis that is mind-boggling , entertaining and easy to perform. One of the best things about Cinemental, as the name suggests, is that it does not use playing cards or odd ESP symbols, but rather high quality cards printed by USPCC  with specially designed artwork by Phil Smith of classic, well-known movies.  

The performer shows the spectator a set of (28) different cards each with the names and artwork of different, classic movies. The performer shuffles the cards and gives the cards to the spectator. With the performer’s head turned away, the spectator looks at a card and remembers the movie title. The spectator then thoroughly mixes the cards. The shuffled cards are given back to the performer who, with head still turned, shows each card to the spectator and to think “stop” when she sees the thought of movie title. Without asking any questions, the performer can dramatically reveal a scene from the movie and the title of the freely thought of movie. This is an amazing mind reading effect. In seeing the video demo, I thought I had an idea on how it worked but the shuffling of the cards by the spectator completely fooled me.

The second phase of the routine is a prediction effect. The movie cards are given back to the spectator. The performer writes a prediction on a blank card or piece of paper and puts it on the table. The spectator deals the cards face up, one at a time, until the spectator wants to stop. The spectator has a totally free choice of here to stop. It is shown that if the spectator stopped at another card, either before or after the place where the spectator stopped at, the movie would be a different selection. The selected card is turned over by the spectator. The spectator can turn over the performer’s prediction which matches the feely selected card. There are no rough and smooth cards. No switches. No multiple outs. There is only one prediction. I was completely fooled by this. The method is great and is totally hands off. It is simple and works each and every time. I was pleasantly smiling when I saw the method. 

The video instruction is approximately 41 minutes long. The video and sound quality are good. The first 20 minutes consist of an in studio performance of the main two-phase routine, followed by the explanation by Titanus and then followed by a live performance. The overall explanation by Titanus is good except for one important part of the beginning of the second phase of the routine. While Titanus does mention what needs to be done, it is not initially clear. In fact, the first time I watched the video I completely missed it and had to watch it a second time to understand it.  The video continues with a demonstration and explanation of the routine using two different spectators which uses a different manner selecting the movie. This particular routine did not interest me, and I would not personally use it. The remaining portion of the video deals with additional tips which were helpful. 

This is a great, extremely well-thought out effect. I love that it does not use regular playing cards or ESP symbols. I like mentalism effects that use movie themes since spectators can easily relate to them and movies offer a good conversation opportunity to connect with spectators. The artwork is terrific. The routine is great. The methods are fooling and easy to do. For the first phase there is some easy to do memorization needed. But due to the movies used, it is easy to remember. In case you do forget, included in the deck is a card with a built in crib that can be used openly. This is one of my favorite effects that I purchased in 2020. Grab Cinemental and a bag of popcorn and enjoy. I highly recommend Cinemental. 10 out of 10 lucky charms. 


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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