Review: CREDiTKA by Artifex

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Artifex proudly presents to you best credit card routine, coming from an ingenious mind of Nazar Kayumov, a modern-day miracle that’s been carefully worked on and perfected over a course of a few years. We bring you an astonishing routine using one of the most familiar 21 century object that is incredibly practical, fits right in your wallet, very easy to perform, building onto our philosophy of magic that should be strong, minimalistic and direct.

21-century miracle in your wallet.

Classy modern effect.
Resets instantly.
Easy to do.
Direct and practical.
it’ll get you gigs.
The best credit card routine on the market.
Killer reactions.

With CREDiTKA, everything happens in the spectators hands – you start with a devastatingly direct ACAAN effect; after a card is chosen and a random digit from the credit card number is picked the card is located AT the chosen number IN a shuffled deck.

Then the kicker – An unbelievable transformation that seemingly takes place in-between their hands!

They look back at the credit card but the digits are no longer there… Instead, they see the prediction that’s IMPRINTED where the numbers were a minute ago.


You will perform this.

We give you the power to wow. Use it wisely.


Creditka by Artifex is a combination of several effects using a regular deck of cards and a specially made realistic credit card. The effect is that a spectator chooses a playing card from a deck which is then placed back in the deck and shuffled.  You show your credit card to the spectator who selects any number (except 0) from the credit card numbers shown on the card. You then give the credit card to the spectator to hold in her purse, pocket, or hands. The spectator announces the playing card that she was thinking of and then says what number she selected from the credit card numbers. The performer counts down to that number and turns over the card which is the exact same card the spectator previously chose. But the effect does not end there. You then ask the person to look at the credit card that she has been holding this entire time. The numbers on the credit card vanished and now in their place is the name of the card that the person chose.

You are provided with two realistic Visa type credit cards. You are also provided with two holograms that you can attach to the back of the credit cards to make them appear even more realistic. You need to supply your own regular deck of playing cards.  

The instructional video is about 13 minutes in length. It is a basic but clear and thorough video showing how to force a card and how to put the card in the needed position to accomplish the AACAN portion of the effect. The methods are simple and direct. There is also a simple and direct method of switching the credit card with the numbers on it with the credit card that has the playing card selection on it. You should use any wallet to help with the switching. The creator on the video uses a JOL Plus wallet to help but it is not necessary. Any regular wallet can be used with a slight modification of setting up.

You cannot change the card selection on the credit card so you must use the same playing card every time. Therefore, your ability to repeat this effect will be limited based upon your venue. 

In the beginning of the video there is no unedited live performance from beginning to end. Instead, there is a collage of two live performances edited and merged into one performance which was annoying to watch and took away from the flow of how to perform the routine.

This is a good, solid routine using a credit card. Reset is 5 seconds.   

Creditka is a good magic effect combing any card at any number effect with a magical change of a credit numbers to the chosen card. Creditka is a strong, fun, easy to perform and entertaining routine. The credit cards are realistic and well made. 8 out of 10 lucky charms.     


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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