Review: Custom Appearing Business Cards by Sam Gherman

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After years of testing we have finally released the most amazing business cards ever created! Specifically designed for magicians these hand printed cards literally appear to print themselves right in front of your spectator’s eyes and in their hands. Visually it looks like an impossible special effect…

How do they work?

The cards are printed with a specially engineered heat sensitive ink. So when the cards are warm the is ink invisible, as they cool down to room temperature ink appears.

How do you keep them warm?

That’s easy… keep a hand warmer in your pocket, business card holder, or wallet. You can either purchase an electronic hand warmer or use disposable ones. Disposable hand warmers cost about $0.35 each and last up to 10 hours.

What kind of card stock this?

90 pound ivory matte card stock. We’ve tested out several different card stocks and and colors and have found that this paper is the optimal weight and color for to make the appearing cards look truly magical.

What if its really hot outside?

The ink is fully invisible around 92°F (33°C), and will start to transition sooner.  So they are best used at room temperature. If you are a frequent outdoor performer these cards may not be the best choice for you.

How long does it take to receive these?

These cards are hand printed, so it depends on volume. Please allow up to 3 weeks for delivery.

Custom Orders?

Yes let us know if you want things printed on items other than business cards or if you have unique ideas you want to try out.

Mix and Match?

The cards are printed 10 at a time. So you can have up to 10 different designs per side. Which means…. you can sneak a little something into your business cards. For example have 10 different hidden reveals in your cards. Or… you can have up to 10 different predictions on the back of your cards.


Last winter, I reviewed Sam Gherman’s amazing appearing business cards, available in a wonderful variety of reveals (names of famous personalities, places around the world, ESP symbols, card indexes, choice words, etc) and gave it a well-deserved perfect score. It was during the process of writing that magic review here on NingThing, that I discovered Sam personally designs and prints custom business cards too. So as mentioned in the end of that review, I contacted Sam directly to get a set made for my freelance work in marketing and editing/ copywriting.

Well, my cards arrived (well packed in a stiff cardboard box with bubblewrap) and I cannot be more pleased! The prints look good; perfectly centred and the card stock quality is top notch. It’s a professional job and I appreciate how Sam was so wonderful to work with during the entire creation process. Despite being busy with his regular performing gigs, he was helpful with design suggestions and quick to make changes to the artwork I selected (there are existing design templates available on his website for those of us who aren’t Phil Smith).

These work exactly like Sam’s reveal packs for magicians/ mentalists, printed with the special ink that is sensitive to heat (basically keep your cards warm until you want the magic to happen). They make excellent giveaways and I cannot recommend them enough. It’s amazing how the change happens in seconds before their very eyes… You can be sure this will leave a lasting impression 😉

This get a perfect score from me. If you’d like to create your own custom pocket miracle, you can do so here.

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