Review: Hello My Name Is by Cameron Francis

Hello My Name Is by Cameron Francis

So a magician buddy shared that he’d just scored a much coveted gig at a restaurant and asked me to recommend a solid opener he could do. His needs were very clear: the close-up material had to be entertaining but foolproof (i.e. there is no way anything can go wrong like the classic Invisible Deck routine), impressive for spectators but easy to do (in other words no difficult or complicated sleights and moves), ideally audience interactive (easy for people to understand) and leaves a lasting impression where patrons would remember his name (so they’d ask the boss for him whenever they come back next time). With all the above criteria, one card trick in particular immediately leapt to mind. Read on to find out more 😉


Cameron Francis has created the perfect card to impossible location effect. A memorable easy to follow presentation, a visual card reveal and their SIGNED card is found in the most impossible way. All done under extremely close supervision. Then after all of that awesomeness you give the spectator an impossible souvenir. Here’s what happens… You introduce yourself and mention your name tag with your name on it. Then you have a card selected and SIGNED. The writing on the name tag visually changes into the name of their selection. Then as if that was not enough you peel the name tag off and their signed selection is attached BEHIND the name tag giving you the chance to give away the ultimate souvenir. Hello My Name Is has it all. A commercial presentation, visual elements and a huge impossibility factor. All combined in a direct easy to learn routine with expert instructions from a worker who uses this routine all the time.

Unboxing Hello My Name Is by Cameron Francis

When you purchase this (IMHO severely underrated) exclusive from Penguin Magic, you’ll receive the instructional DVD complete with the gimmicks required to do this clever routine. In this case, showing what’s inside the package would reveal the secret behind this card trick so just know that contents wise, you’ll be getting enough supplies for a few performances. This means that you can easily switch things up if the same bunch of people you performed for beg/ plead/ grovel for you to do a repeat.

Now in case you’re wondering about the inevitable cost of refills, you can easily get these supplies rather cheaply from your favourite magic shop and office supplies store. It would be a good idea to order these online ASAP since this may just be your new favourite card trick! Do note that to perform Hello My Name Is, you have to provide your own Bicycle cards and Sharpie. Some simple prep and assembly is also required before you can start performing this so get ready a pair of scissors and some sticky tape or glue. You’d be happy to know this one time setup isn’t rocket science and you’ll be good to go in a manner of seconds.

FYI when you buy this direct from Penguin Magic, you also gain instant access to the 26 minute video where the multi-talented Cameron Francis runs through everything in great detail. The man has created tons of good magic over the years and this one is still my favourite.

Let’s talk USP (unique selling points)

It was seven years ago when I first knew of this card trick thanks to Satish Kumar, a dear colleague of mine who is not only a gifted actor and magician, the man is also the face of Colgate in India… seriously, you’ll see him in a white lab coat flashing his handsome smile on their toothpaste boxes! I used to manage a group of magicians at a now defunct Japanese magic bar in Singapore and Satish was one of them. He performed Hello My Name Is as his opener every night and it was clever because folks were conditioned to be familiar with his name before being suitably impressed that their signed card somehow ended up on his name tag which has been in full view since the beginning!

This presentation definitely adds an edge to the typical ‘find a card’ trick, making it a real audience pleaser. From what I have seen and experienced, the marketing copy ring true: Hello My Name Is makes a perfect party trick that seems totally impossible with all its multiple phases but is still easy to learn. Everything about it fits perfectly into the strict criteria which my friend requested for in a solid opener he could perform at his table hopping gig. And did I also mention this resets in a flash?

If you’re familiar with Cameron Francis’s work, you’d know that the man is a thinker. There are a few magical moments that are well thought out which strengths this already strong performance, and you don’t need to be a card expert to pull off the easy moves in this visual close up routine. The included magnetic tag should last you forever and as mentioned, restocking the card/ sticker refills required is easy and cheap (trust me they will last you for a very long time) so no worries there!

TLDR: Hello My Name Is by Cameron Francis

Practical, easy to do, a true crowd pleaser… If you’re looking for a real worker to perform at a restaurant/ bar gig, do yourself a favour and check out this cheeky opener from the brilliant mind of Cameron Francis. Hello My Name Is will cement your name in their brains and have your adoring audience wanting more! Get yours from Penguin Magic today 🙂

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