Review: Incarnation 2.0 by Marc Oberon

The spectator imagines throwing any playing card towards the magician whereupon it visually appears!

It’s that direct, there’s no directing your spectator through any procedure to narrow their choice.

No fishing or ambiguous mental gymnastics for your spectator.

Remember this is ANY card named and though it appears almost propless you have no risk of being wrong!

No arts and crafts at all, it’s ready to perform.


“I will definitely be using this for my parlour shows.”
– Nick Einhorn – MIMC Winner of Penn and Teller Fool Us

“This trick is exceptionally impressive and highly commercial.”
Peter Mehtab – MIMC Magician to the British Royal Family

“This is magic that makes spectators gasp at how visible and impossible it is.”
– Alex Muratev – President Russian Club of Magicians

“Incarnation 2.0 rocks at Close Up, Stage, TV or online.Brilliant combination of visual with the impossible. That’s how magic should look in 2020.”
– Alex Gigauri – CEO Artifex

“If I really could do magic and had to perform a card trick, it would look exactly like this.”
– Sam Alexander

“I didn’t think Incarnation could be beaten but 2.0 everything happens at fingertips, it’s the ultimate card trick.”
– Joel Dickinson

“As a mentalist I adore effects that involve a card being mentally selected. Incarnation 2.0 meets that criteria with the added bonus of a visually stunning reveal. This routine has been pieced together with Marc’s usual attention to detail, where every look and gesture is designed to turn an impressive piece of trickery into a miracle.”
– Adam Hudson

“Visually stunning and beautifully made. A true working miracle.”
– Tom Wright


FISM winner Marc Oberon has released several solid magic and mentalism products over the years (I really like Hat System, which is his version of Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats meets Mind Mapping) and Incarnation 2.0 is the new and improved (and mostly resized) reincarnation… er… version of his earlier bestseller with the same name.

The slick trailer above puts the effect into context: with a regular office clip in hand, you ask someone to name ANY CARD. They do so and when their thought of card is tossed (invisibly) to you, you make said card appear before their very eyes. Once unclipped and unfolded, you verify that it is a perfect match. Extremely visual mind blowing mentalism.

The ad copy claims that it comes ready to go, that there’s no need for any fishing or “ambiguous mental gymnastics for your spectator”… and I’m happy to report that it’s true. There’s no false marketing there, although you’ll definitely need a little practice (nothing difficult at all if you’re already a mentalist). It’s almost propless mentalism with no risk of being wrong as sometimes routines of that particular genre can sometimes be.

It’s not difficult to learn the system, and I see this as a slick routine suitable for close up, parlour, stage… and thanks to the on-going pandemic… magic shows on Zoom. Granted if you’re performing in a close up setting, you’d be mindful of angles (like how you’d present a bill switch for instance) and audience management (so minimal, it’s actually common sense).

I would give this full marks but I’m knocking off a point because of the quality of the “card stock”. Don’t get me wrong… Incarnation 2.0 is still an AWESOME trick which is extremely clever. It’d just be better if the gimmicks was made of longer lasting stuff like Tyvek®. But I suppose if you really need refills, you can always contact the creator to ask about it. But if this is for normal use (i.e. you’re not doing table hopping at a restaurant using this several times a night), it should hold up fine. I really love this.

TLDR; Incarnation 2.0 by Marc Oberon may just be your next big hit. Super solid stuff, highly dependable, not difficult to do… your audience will never forget this mind blowing mental miracle. Not many mentalism routines can boast being visual and entertaining, but this one is certainly both.

Highly recommended!


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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