Review: MANGA Book Test by Michael O’Brien

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Looking for a fun piece of mind reading magic to add to your act? What about nostalgia? Anime? Pokémon? Well with this book test you can have it all! The best part? You can customize this test to use your favorite Books right off of your shelves!

The Manga Book Test includes the following:

  • Over 7 devious methods!
  • Full length mind reading routine!
  • 100% impromptu!
  • Use ANY book ANYTIME!
  • Bonus ideas using other book tests!
  • Video tutorials and bonus content included!

Michael will also be including full access to his Manga Book Test Private Page. With this you will have access to bonus ideas, links, and tutorials. Michael will continue to add more videos to this page in the future which you will continue to have full access to!

Manga not your thing? These ideas can be used with ANY BOOK off of your shelves, not just Manga! Michael has devised a compilation of methods designed to unlock your inner creativity and add something fun and unique to your act!


First things first, this book is not a prop. Just in case you assumed the Manga Book Test is a comic that you can use as a book test, this really is an instructional booklet detailing how you can utilise any manga (or any other book really) to perform solid book test routines. But before we start the review, let’s see Michael O’Brien, the affable creator of the Manga Book Test in action:

I think it’s super cute how Michael O’Brien got a manga artist to draw him and his iconic peak cap for the cover art. The Manga Book Test is definitely fun, unique and novel. Within the book’s 66 pages is a secret website link (you’ll find it on the first and last page) that provides a detailed walkthrough of the techniques through ten tutorial videos. Another nice touch is that there’s also a PDF copy of the book that you can download and read on the go, even when you don’t have the physical copy with you.

If you are new to mentalism and have never done the classic book test routine before, or if you want to perform something different from the standard book tests using magazines or novels, this will be right up your alley. I imagine this would work brilliantly for a certain target audience, especially if you’ve the right look going for you as a performer. And if you’re a self-confessed otaku like yours truly, this also gives you an excuse to buy more manga, comics, or graphic novels. After all, they’re now part of your investment for a new act 😉

Fret not if you’re a newbie to mentalism or the book test routine; you’re in good hands. A working magician himself, Michael takes you through every step of the way with his clear written instructions and video tutorials. In fact, you can feel his bubbling passion and enthusiasm for the project just from watching the stuff that he’s uploaded. Sure, the videos are no where near cinematic quality but with everything priced at just US$20, this is an absolute steal! The routines are practical, with important moves and subtleties highlighted.

Michael O’Brien is a very clever thinker and his creativity shows. IMHO, if you can afford to spend twenty bucks on an avocado toast, this makes a waaaaaaaay better investment. The solid book test routines that you will learn from The Manga Book Test is definitely a steal at its low price, and Michael’s other creations also deserve a check out… I know I’ve got my eye on his Pokemon Card to Pokeball Set!

Highly recommended 🙂 You can perform this anywhere, anytime, and for anyone… even do a show on Zoom since everyone’s still pretty much in lockdown no thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic!


Magic is our passion but we are not a magic shop ? You can purchase this here!

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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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