Review: Posted by Riggs Royena (Instant Download) A Practical Modern Day Prediction

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: Madame Curator”][vc_column_text]It’s no secret that I love mentalism. In an attempt to push ourselves, my former stage partner and I challenged ourselves in reading the minds of 100 different spectators (inclusive of members of the press) in a variety of ways, back in 2012. So for our record-setting event Mind Heist: The Ultimate Social Experiment, JC and I used (and built) an assortment of mind reading tools creatively, all in the name of modern mentalism!

Riggs Royena is the young street magician who quite recently came up with Posted: A Practical Modern Day Prediction, which allows you to reveal a 100% accurate prediction on your Facebook timeline- made hours ago. It uses the official app too, no funny business!


Traditionally mentalists have always used swami gimmicks, billets, envelopes, good old pen and paper. But now in the 21st century where everyone basically owns a mobile phone and most use or know of Facebook, an effect like Royena’s Posted is quite brilliant as a piece of mental magic that embraces modern day technology.

I subscribe to the philosophy of Occam’s Razor so I absolutely love it when solutions to strong effects are clear, simple and direct. Posted is true to its ad blurb where you can get them to state anything you want so there’s no fishing for information, no equivoque or force, no dodgy third party app involved on your phone, no unreliable voice to text feature… just the official Facebook app.

The secret is sneaky smart and made me smack my forehead at the reveal. I really think it’ s a pretty neat effect and two options are taught in the short instruction video; one solo and another with a secret assistant. The demo shows Royena in real world conditions, working the streets using regular people and the rest of the video has the same “street” rawness to it.

I honestly think there’s much merit to Posted; it’s a great alternative to the usual tools the modern mentalist would use. While there is no “perfect trick” in this world, what I really like about Posted is that there’s so much possibilities with this. Also, it’s pretty much impromptu. You only need your mobile phone (connected to the internet) to carry off the effect and both methods work, though I like the version with the secret assistant more.

With the right presentation, this will impress; you can flaunt how you already predicted or knew the winning lottery numbers, or the outcome of a huge MMA match, or the winning scores of a soccer game. Or even things of lesser consequence like what your spectator just had for lunch, what colour underwear they decided to wear out today, whatever. It’s social media!

The only gripe I have with the download is the poor audio recording at some places, which makes you strain to hear Royena, but that’s a minor production issue. Posted is pretty wicked and has my vote. I hope to see more good things from this enterprising young magician 🙂


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