7 Letters by Boo Junfeng, Eric Khoo, K Rajagopal, Jack Neo, Tan Pin Pin, Royston Tan & Kelvin Tong

A sweet anthology by 7 award-winning Singaporean filmmakers, 7 Letters celebrates our country’s Golden Jubilee through 7 poignant stories about the lives and struggles of Singaporeans. I was invited to the red carpet gala last Friday night, at the newly refurbished Capitol Theatre, and it really was a night to remember.

I was happy to catch up with industry friends and mucho kudos to the organizers for doing a swell job. It’s no easy feat and I don’t think anyone could have done it better. There was so much going on and everything went smoothy… like the free flow of bubbly that went down everyone’s throats.





I cannot stress how beautiful 7 Letters is. Each short film is about 20 minutes long and even before seeing the end credits, you would already have gotten a very distinct feel of each director’s unique style and mark. It’s impossible for me to pick a favourite and there wasn’t a short film that I didn’t like. The music was just magical and each piece was poetic with lots of feels… the last even making me tear up (thus ruining my mascara).

During the pre-screening cocktails, I just about melted when Royston Tan complimented me for being gorgeous (yes, yes, I know my spouse tells me that every day but it’s different) and I couldn’t believe the man was nursing a 41 degree fever! Junfeng and I had a quick chat just before the screening; it felt like a lifetime ago since we saw each other (Junfeng and I went to film school together and we had filmed something together in his house using a homemade “green screen”, before he left for NS and later Spain to continue his studies in film).

Eric Khoo (he had approached me to play Rose Chan back in 2008) had came out of nowhere when I was just catching up with the ever sweet Jimmy T and Ling from FLY Entertainment, whisking me away to another group and making me blush when Eric started telling them about my multi award-winning work as Magic Babe and my books, which had both forewords written by Neil Gaiman.

To be honest, I don’t think I deal very well at such boisterous events. Everything turns into a blur and while most people may not believe it, I really do think I’m actually very shy. But when I really need to turn it on, I switch to my “conversationalist” mode and try my very best to be present, though in reality, I would much prefer small cozy groups or one-on-one conversations *sheepish grin*

Coming back to 7 Letters, I personally think that this is the most meaningful SG50 project thus far… It speaks out to me because it’s a unique one-of-a-kind project with a charity angle to it; an envelope is provided for you to put in however much you’d like, to help the 7 local charities picked by the 7 directors. All 7 stories form an enchanting tapestry of meaningful Singapore stories… the old and the new, hope and despair, love and heartbreak, birth and loss, figments of fantasy and the could-have-beens.

See the 7 Letters Facebook page for more details about available screenings. Trust me on this: YOU REALLY NEED TO CATCH THIS!


Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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