San Bistro: A hidden gastronomic gem in Singapore

Everyone knows of the well-loved No Signboard Seafood restaurant and its famed pepper crabs. But how many are actually aware that the same folks behind the iconic Singapore brand, have recently started a brand new concept serving Italian and French cuisine?

San Bistro is a modern European restaurant located at Eastwood Centre, which just opened its doors last month… that’s right, Easties can rejoice over yet another gastro gem! Parking is super easy (there’s also a taxi stand/ bus stop located right in front of it) and if you need to pick up some groceries after your meal, Cold Storage is conveniently located right next door!

I recently went with a group of 6 for lunch and everyone had really good things to say about the food and service! You always hear folks grumbling about sub-standard service here in Singapore, but the well-trained service staff at San Bistro truly impressed. They’re the rarity who take pride in what they do and are smart enough to realise that word of mouth is the best form of PR… If you give a customer a great experience, they’d appreciate that special human touch and would definitely be back!

The young and talented Chef Josh of San Bistro, who I got to meet and chat with in the kitchen

Food wise, if you’re looking at celebrating someone’s birthday or impressing clients from out of town, San Bistro really does serve up some scrumptious dishes… They even have an impressive wine collection (high quality stuff worth a few pricey Gs, like Mouton Rothschild 1966) displayed in their walk-in wine closet. The trendy restaurant sits a maximum of 30 guests, so it does feel quite cozy and exclusive.

Being wine collectors themselves, they’re serious about their booze!

Now.. just to be crystal, I’m not paid to blog about this restaurant. The views about San Bistro are my own. Now that that’s clear, here are some photos of their gorgeous plated presentations which I managed to take before my ravenous friends wolfed them down…

Lunch started with an amuse-bouche of a bite-sized cod croquette hors d’œuvre. The French codfish was specially imported. A truly delightful dish, compliments of the chef!

Starter ($29): Angus beef tartare – aged Angus beef brunoise, Moscato grapes, vine ripe tomato, brioche and baby greens …the bright colours and gorgeous presentation made it look too pretty to disturb!

Starter ($25): Beetroot au Jardin – variation of beetroot, pomegranate, kohlrabi, pecorino, hazelnut soil and aged balsamic …very healthy stuff that may inspire you to whip up your own salad in the kitchen!

Starter ($28): Hokkaido scallop carpaccio – scallop duo, vegetable medley, emulsified carrot butter, yuzu foam… My personal favourite for obvious reasons and I personally enjoyed the creative play of taste and textures!

Pasta ($28): Angel hair carbonara – handmade angel hair pasta, parmesan cream, grilled lardo, smoked ham and parmigiana reggiano… The freshly sliced jamon iberico ham is aged for over a year and we were assured it was all healthy fat!

Pasta ($35): Tagliatelle nero – handmade pasta, sauteed squid, grilled octopus leg, sea urchin roe and sundries tomatoes… This is THE BOMB! I’m a huge foodie and I really relished the Umami taste of this dish!

Fish ($40): Amadai fillet, potato mousseline, cauliflower brûlée and sauce meuniere …I generally prefer the taste of fish to meat and I must say that really enjoyed the taste and textures of this tasty fillet dish. The edible scales of the Japanese mullet was done perfectly, adding a fun crispy crunch!

Fish ($36): Miso cod, sake infused Japonica rice, dehydrated Enoki mushroom, Edamame, horseradish and scallion foam… It tastes as good as it looks and who doesn’t like foam!

Beef striploin ($120): A4 – A5 pure bred Japanese Wagyu beef, salt baked celeriac, brown onion puree and purple mustard …this simple melts on your tongue. Super sinful but oh so good, it’s not funny!

Lamb rack ($48): grilled lamb chop with charred marinated peppers, lentil du puy, violet barigoule, lardo crudo with natural jus …Nicely done, without that typically strong smell of taste that most Chinese people fear (that’s why most Chinese folks I know don’t quite appreciate lamb) LOL

Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly ($45): 36 hour braised pork belly, glazed baby root vegetables and roasted fingerling potato …Meat lovers will LOVE this!

Okay here’s a tip: You need to make room for dessert. Like really, really, really make the conscious decision and reminder to! I just about rolled out of the restaurant after lunch, which ended with this gorgeous très jolie sweet ending…


Dessert ($18): Orb with mascarpone ice-cream, homemade sponge, dark chocolate, white chocolate powder and Irish coffee… This dark beaut stood out for me, compared to the other 3 available choices (lemon & basil custard, olive oil cake and apple crumble) since I’m a chocoholic. So if you enjoy dark chocolate like yours truly, I’d really recommend this to round up your meal!

If you’re rushing for time and don’t have the luxury of a two-hour lunch, San Bistro currently has a 3-course set lunch priced at $48, which includes the Hokkaido Scallop carpaccio I reviewed above, along with a choice of pasta (Tagliatelle Nero) or meat (Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly) and a dessert (lemon & basil custard). But we’re Asian, so why not go with family and friends so everyone can sample different shared dishes right? Unlike other atas establishments that frown upon sharing, San Bistro is easy about it and their helpful service staff are really friendly too 🙂 They’ve got my highest recommendations and I’ll definitely be back… Maybe this time around for dinner!

Can you see our food baby?!



Tel: 6448 9959 (closed Monday)


Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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