Review: B´CARDS by Pablo Amira

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: Maarten Bosmans”][vc_column_text]Today i will be reviewing Pablo Amira’s B’Cards. Pablo is a Chilean mentalist who has released a number of effects on his website , in case you guys did not know Chili won the Copa Americana againt Argentinia the other week and like that amazing win this ebook is also astonishing.

The first thing you notice is this is quite a big book for an ebook, 85 pages long written in a small font.

You get 19 different effects with the use of business cardsor blanc business cards.

There are many effects in here based on classic plots like a living and dead, positive negative from max maven,.. I will solely focusing in a couple of effects.

The entire list of contents you van view here :

Before i review the effects of this wonderful ebook I will talk about the toolbox of move’s you get with this. Allot of the explanation Pablo does is written in text and also with video.

These videos make it far easier to follow all the moves he talks about written in text. Most of the moves are basic card handling skills with business cards sometimes when I look at the video I sometimes wonder with one or 2 effects does this look to much like card magic to me even though the shuffles are basic, I still get a sense of this maybe it’s my own viewpoint as a magician/mentalist.

Pablo keeps in most effects the card handling to a minimum so this is a mini critique plus inside the book you get so many different methods you can change your own handling to fit your own style. The fact that almost all of the routines are impromptu makes it easier to focus on your performance. Pablo talks about this a tiny bit and I hope in his next e-book he will focus some more on this because this is something I find very interesting.

I really liked this book it gave me a bunch of plots which I thought they were done to death but Pablo puts some really nice spins on them.

One of the effects described in the book is called Zodiac business this effect gives you the possibility to predict the zodiac sign of your spectator. This could be a really strong effect handled with the right presentation.

The effect Pareidolia uses a very beautiful principle I have not seen in print before to my knowledge.

Spectator A is requested to draw dots on a business card this is shown to spectator B. Both spectators are now instructed to draw something on a pad of paper both images occur to be identical.

This uses a very ingenious principle and I really love this effect. You can go so many different ways with this.

Double perception is something that is also really nice it packs small and plays really big.

You predict in order the guesses the spectator makes in using 2 types of fruits.

For instance the first one the spectator is correct, second wrong, third wrong and last correct.

You predict the entire order of this procedure. Which is a very interesting take and since it’s

Practically impromptu it’s something to put into your toolset right away.


I just want to say this e-book is defiantly a book for any mentalist who does lots of close up work.

You will get an astonishing toolkit of methods and interesting effects. Which can really spice up your repertoire you will find allot of good stuff in here and I really like Pablo’s work and I think you will too.

I give this a solid 9/10

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