Review: Crimson Deck by Laura London and The Other Brothers

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The most innocent, yet diabolical gaffed deck of cards!

From television and the real-world working repertoire of Laura London, comes the most versatile gaffed deck of cards: The Crimson Deck!

The Crimson Deck is a brand-new utility in the world of trick cards that allows you to have a card selected in the fairest manner possible. Just spread the cards, and then let the spectator place their selection back into the deck themselves. So far, you couldn’t ask for a more fair process. The magician can then spread the cards and there are only 51… the spectator’s selection has vanished. It can then appear in the card box that just a moment ago held the deck and has been in the spectator’s possession, or anywhere else you want it to appear!

– Ready to perform right out of the box

– Comes with full routines by: Laura London, Nicholas Lawrence, and The Other Brothers

– Simple enough for beginners, powerful enough for pros.

– Includes multiple, separate, in-depth instructional videos

Unlike most gaffed decks, this is not a one trick pony. Multiple, different style routines are taught and once you have it in your hands, you’ll find yourself inventing your own routines as well!

You can perform standard sleight of hand card magic, then use the features of The Crimson Deck to achieve the impossible, then end with your favorite card trick closer, all without a single deck switch. Try doing that with an Invisible Deck!


So while I’m impressed with the very pretty packaging (which reminds me very much of Stasis), I’m a tad confused as to who are the producers of this trick… on Murphy’s Magic it’s credited as Laura London, whose name is also printed on the nice fancy Crimson Deck box, and The Other Brothers; but there’s a business card for Abstract Effects inside the package… probably a joint venture between The Other Brothers and Nicholas Lawrence since they feature in the online instructions, teaching a trick each?

I was ecstatic that this is fronted by a sassy female magician but this unexpectedly falls short of the usual standards I’d come to expect from The Other Brothers and Nicholas Lawrence, whose creations I’ve reviewed before and loved. Having said that, if/ when I’m ready to make an investment and create a custom magic deck to gift corporate clients for Christmas, I’d definitely contact Abstract Effects since they’ve proven that they do know how to package stuff very nicely. I’m taking an educated guess that Crimson Deck is so named after Laura London’s signature flaming red hair, on point and in line with her brand identity.

Retailing at US$40, I think the price point for Crimson Deck can be a lot less and the producers could have passed on savings directly to customers if they’d thought to simplify the packaging by omitting the posh box (don’t get me wrong… Laura London’s clients/ bookers/ industry partners would be impressed to get a delightful gift from her that allows them to do this nifty interactive magic trick, but the truth is that most of us would be satisfied with a simple no-frills packaging) along with the regular deck (everyone already has bikes), to simply include the 10 required cards along with the instructional link and password.

These would fit in a single envelope or plastic sleeve, and the price can probably be halved, making the price tag much more appealing for people in general. In fact, because they aren’t custom gaffs, this could even work as an instant download since many magicians already own what’s required to put this kit together. More tutorial material and concepts/ ideas by the producers in the online videos would have helped sweeten the deal for this US$40 card trick deck IMHO.

While not a brand new concept in magic, there are still some pros to this. Crimson Deck is easy to handle, with no sleights needed to pull things off, making it suitable for the complete card beginner or magic hobbyist. And you don’t need to scourge around looking for the various items to put it together because you’ll have everything in the package at the ready to start learning and performing. In the right hands, this interactive card trick can create delightful moments of magic as seen in the performance video where Laura’s bubbly personality radiates.


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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