Review: Gaff-Tacular by Liam Montier

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: John Teo”][vc_column_text]The word “Gaff-Tacular” seems to be created by the combination of 2 words “Gaff” and “Spectacular”.

“Gaff-Tacular” is actually 6 spectacular card effects utilizing gimmicked cards.  They are packet-type card effects and they are all created by Stephen Tucker.  Stephen Tucker does not appear in this video – all his effects are presented by Liam Montier.   

You receive a set of 12 gimmicked bicycle cards and an instructional DVD.  The 12 gimmicked cards are not specially printed cards with strange illustrations such as the king firing a pistol.  They are the usual gimmicked cards such as double backs and double blanks.  With these gaffs, and your own deck of bicycle cards, you are able to perform 6 spectacular card effects created by the devious mind of Stephen Tucker.

For those of you who may not know Stephen Tucker, he is a clever British magician who, in his hey days, written more than a dozen books on cards, close-up and mental magic.  He also published his own 2 magic magazines called “Spell-Binder” and “Chicanery” which are now defunct and have become collector’s items.  He was also the editor of “Pabular” magazine for a number of years.  Stephen used to market his own products through his web-site.  He may have now retired from magic because his web-site is no longer in operation.  This may be the reason why he did not appear in this DVD.  

His effects in this DVD are presented by Liam Montier.  He could not have found a better presenter.  In each of the 6 effects, Liam first performs it live and then explains the method, and finally, he gives his own comments.

The 6 effects are:

Time After Time – 3 cards are selected and signed by each of 3 spectators and then lost back in the deck.  Performer takes 3 cards from 3 of his different pockets.  They turned out to be the 3 signed selections!  One of the 3 cards is designated by a spectator.  All the 3 cards are placed back into his pockets.  The designated card jumps back to the deck.  Finally the other 2 signed cards also magically go back to the deck.  Everything is reset and is ready to go again.

Decinial Delight – all sorts of strange things happen when the performer tries to perform an effect using 10 cards from the deck.  First, one card mysteriously disappears.  Next, 5 cards from nowhere are magically added to the 10 cards.  Then 4 cards go missing.  Finally, the effect works when 2 cards from one packet magically go over and join the other packet of 5 cards, making this packet 7 cards.

Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder – it is a reverse 3 card monte where the faces are all the same and the spectator has to find the odd colour back card.  She fails all the time.  Finally, all the 3 cards have different colour backs!

Dreams – 2 cards are selected by 2 spectators.  A special “dream” card is shown to match the identity of one of the selected cards.  Immediately, it changes and assumes the identity of the second selected card.  Liam has an ending which makes this card examinable by the spectators!

Spectral Beasts – a spectator locates 2 cards in a deck.  Performer displays 2 special cards – they are both blanks.  When each of them is shown to other spectators, the 2 spectators are able to name the 2 cards selected by the first spectator, although they did not see the chosen card!

Fade In / Fade Out – a card is selected and not shown to the performer.  Performer brings out 3 cards blank on both sides.  Suddenly, one of them indicates the colour of the selected card, then the next card shows the suit, and the final card discloses the value of the selected card.  Having done their duties, the 3 blank cards turn back to blanks on both sides.

The 6 effects may not read that impressive, but they will have a devastating effect on your audience.  They are all easy to do with the provided set of gaffs.  There are several moves with cards that you need to know, such as the multiple shift control, buckle count and double lift.  They are not difficult to accomplish and they are taught well by Liam.  In fact, you get to learn 3 variations of a very simple double lift done with a packet of 3 cards.

These are 6 of the best card effects from Stephen Tucker.  He has a lot more good card tricks to offer.  It is hoped there will be another DVD on the collection of Stephen Tucker’s magic.

Magic is our passion but we are not a magic shop ? You can purchase this here!

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