Review: At The Table Live Lecture Kyle Littleton

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: Maarten Bosmans”][vc_column_text]Kyle Littleton is a magician who is known for his visual money changing effect ‘400 Lux’ from Vanishing Inc, which he also creates magic for. In that effect, you basically change four USD$1 dollar bills into four USD$100 dollar bills. This is a really cool effect where you can hand out the four changed bills at the end. If you decide to do this, it may be better to change the hundreds into ones 😉

Today I will be reviewing his recent Murphy’s Magic “At the Table” magic lecture. There was a huge difference here with other such lectures; in most of them the lecturers often use gimmicks you have to purchase. Here Kyle uses only a couple of gimmicks you have to buy but most of the material he uses are organic stuff you can find anywhere.


In the lecture, Kyle’s first effect uses a thought of card where the wrong prediction is first produced, but he then tears it up and puts into a clear plastic bag with other failures he had. Kyle then takes out the ripped card out of the plastic bag and restores it visually.

This effect uses a gimmick but Kyle teaches this very clearly even though he is young, this card trick is a worker which is funny and easy to use… ideal if you are a bit nervous at your first trick and need an eye catcher.

The next effect is something I love, which is a take on the famous living and dead test with movie titles. This is fun and really easy to do. Kyle also talks about how he controls his nerves, creating a trick where it is okay when it seems he screws it up even though the ending is always killer. Personally, I love effects with movies and like to use them and combine them with classics. He also has some other nice ideas for his effect, Wayne’s World.

There is a three package gum trick where you change one packet of gum into three different types of packets of gum. when you toss it to the spectator however, they discover that the packet is completely empty. It is a nice effect you can create with some arts and crafts IMHO ideal for close-up workers.

The next effect is where a USD$1 dollar bill changes into a dollar t-shirt then into a USD$2 dollar bill! This effect is a fun little quick trick. There is also another fun little effect with a movie prediction in Kyle’s lecture. I like these simple effects with audience interaction as you can get a lot of mileage from these effects with a fun twist at the end, using some classic mentalism effects.

Another cool effect is a bill change unde the cellophane of your card box. It is a nice visual miracle you can use in many situations as a close-up worker. I like the concept of this effect. Kyle’s next effect is a brilliant triumph where a thought of card is turned over inside a packed of cards. The last effect is called invisible phantom; a thought of card appears in a clear deck of cards. It is a really nice spin on Joshua Jay’s inferno.

The thing that stands out most to me in the lecture is the fact that Kyle uses his personality really well and performs within those limits. This creates in his case, an incredible amount of effects that play really well with his character. I love the fact he talked about how he used who is he to create effects which played well because of his character traits.

I give this lecture a 9,5/10 as I really loved his creativity shown in a lot of these effects.  Most of them are for close-up magic but there is also some nice mentalism gems in there. It’s a great lecture and pretty cheap to pick up at your local dealer. You should definitely pick this up.

Magic is our passion but we are not a magic shop ? You can purchase this here!


At The Table Live Lecture Kyle Littleton


1) Do you have any tips on how to use your personality to achieve a greater reaction in your performance? 

When it comes to giving advice like this it always feels silly when I hear myself replying to these questions do to the fact I’m so young and still have a lot to learn myself but to answer the question  I think the best way to use your personality to achieve a greater reaction is really to find out what your personality is.

Taking a good look at yourself and even going as far as asking people what character traits they thinking of when they think of you, good and bad.

Some of the things I found people thought of me was I had a quirky sense of humor and was socially awkward  but likable. I’d ask people to compare me to a movie character and Paul Blart from Mall Cop came up more than a few times. Knowing that helps me know what magic will best fit me to help my personality shine through and when that happens the magic experience is almost automatically made greater. For instance, if I am socially awkward a trick about all the hot girl’s phone numbers I have is not a  fitting trick for me ( nor would it for any magician ) but a trick about me having mixed emotions about gum because when people ask me for a piece it stresses me out, well that’s much more fitting.

The hardest part is, to be honest with yourself and even if you don’t like what people say either find a way to change that or make it work for you in a positive way.

2) In your lecture you showed great skill in creativity. Do you have a process of coming up With ideas?

I do have a creative process. I find a great deal of my creative time comes from being alone in coffee shops listening to music.

The music to me is important specifically when creating that it is not something that gets me pumped or bring me down but instead something that just feels calming. That’s even why I specifically go to coffee shops. They are normally designed to give this feeling not to mention what could be more relaxing than the smell of freshly ground coffee beans!
Most of the things I have come up with have come from this time or while on a nature trail or even while at a movie. These places are good because  it’s helpful to think through ideas without any props in hand.

Normally I have a book with me at all times to read through then from that I grab inspiration and get to thinking. It’s funny because sometimes it won’t even be a trick that I read that inspires an idea but instead just a picture from the book or even the title of the trick and when that happens to me it’s an exciting moment.

3) Your favorite effect and why?

My favorite effect is Triumph.

I think it’s clear and when the method is right it’s an easy trick to follow. I always try and take a break from working on it because I feel I think about it too much but somehow I always end up coming back to it almost immediately. It’s one of those few tricks we all have that I feel so comfortable doing that I will probably always perform it.

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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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