Review: The Vault (DVD and Gimmick) created by David Penn

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: John Teo”][vc_column_text]David Penn’s “The Vault” is a coin or ring to impossible location effect.

In performance, the performer leaves his bunch of keys on the table.  He asks for the loan of a coin.  To prove that no duplicate coins are used, he has this coin signed on both sides.  The coin vanishes magically.  Attention is now directed to the performer’s bunch of keys.  Attached to the keyring is a box (vault).  When this box is opened, inside is another box.  Inside this box is yet another box.  When this final and third box is opened, inside is found the signed coin!  The entire routine is so well choreographed that it is incomprehensible how the coin can get inside the nest of boxes.

You receive the special vault which is actually a nest of 3 boxes, a secret vault holder, and a DVD.  You provide your own keyring and a bunch of keys.

The DVD gives 2 live performances by Wayne Fox.  You have to look at the reactions of the spectators in the live performances to appreciate the effectiveness of this effect.  David Penn is then joined by Wayne Fox as they both take you through the entire routine.

The special vault and the holder allow for an efficient way of loading the coin into the vault.  No complicated sleight-of-hand is required.

A special coin fold used to vanish the coin is taught by Wayne.  He also discusses the use of flash paper as well as an audio subtlety that can enhance the vanish of the coin.

“The Vault” is a brilliant combination of ring flight and coin in boxes.  It is a direct, visual and magical routine.  Most important of all, it is not difficult to perform.

[usr 10]

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