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Joshua Jay is a magician, author, and lecturer who has performed his show in over 59 countries. In 1998 he was crowned World Champion of Close-up Magic at the World Magic Seminar, and he has subsequently appeared on every major television network. His performance style is completely unique: he performs with ordinary, borrowed objects, causing them to twist, bend, appear, and vanish at will. He is now regarded as one of the leading creative forces in the magic world.


Joshua Jay lecture is an interesting one. It has the twist to all the magical effects all magicians do but with a surprise ending that throws you off. An uncanny thought provocative use of sleights and ideas. He goes in detail with each of his effects ranging from cards to coins to everyday objects/books etc. The biggest take away is the creative thought process of making an effect strong and use of situations to your advantage.


Joshua talks about his interest in Movies and how he discovers his magic patter in them. It’s a lesson for us to look beyond magic, be it fiction or the art forms to link to the story line of your presentation. This caters to making the effect versatile and gives you scope for creativity and misdirection.

Hithcock: 4 Selected Cards by spectators are placed back into the deck. When Joshua gives it a cut and spreads back the deck, only the 4 selected cards are face up. Now that’s not it. When they are taken out, their corners are mysteriously already torn.

That’s not the reason why it’s called Hithcock. Before Joshua even started he had taken a card from the deck at random and tore it to 4 pieces. The 4 pieces now matches all the 4 different card edges. And matches exactly.This effect is so cool because you initially don’t know why a random card is torn. Then all the magic happens instantly. 4 cards turning face up, then they are corner torn and the torn pieces are on the table. Truly Magical. The method is ingenious and the best part is after u do Hithcock, you deck is ready for any effect you want to perform.

Inferno: It’s a great marketed effect now. From a matchbox the card you finally choose from the 52 possibilities is saved from being completely burnt. If you are a fan of equivoque, you must listen into this. This has the best flow of the selective principles to drive to the end. The best part is the final choice is 1 out of 4 and what you choose is what the magician goes with. It devoirs convoluted isolation. You could use the principles of inferno in various effects. I have a variation myself now with a full deck of cards.

Trumph Triumph: there are so many variance of triumph but the key take away here is the method of the pharaoh shuffle that Joshua developed. This combined Triumph and John Banons Triumph. Again the great part of this videos is the methods have multiple applications for effects that you may be doing.

Prism Deck and Phantom deck: The Phantom deck is clear deck that has a similar take on the Omni deck. Prism deck is 52 different backs but Joshua explains how you can do magic with the deck like it’s an ordinary deck. This explanation set is to me a great lesson in audience management, card handling and misdirection. Both marketed effects and a great arsenal in our magical pouch.

Any Card at any page number:  This is my favorite magic in the video. The idea is genius. Watch it to believe it. I was totally blown away till the method was revealed. The best part is all through various cards are shown and the card that’s chosen misses the prediction and the card is revealed in the number (page number of the book). The whole video is worth to me for this one effect alone. Rest are bonus.

Triad Coins: Joshua’s take on 3 fly with a extraordinary gizmo. The final vanish of the coin is taken in great detail. The best part of this is the complete vanish of the coin in a very clean fashion.


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Joshua Jay is a genius and his indigenous outlook and methods are very practical. More than the effects, which are great I loved the thinking and the principles he uses which have a wide variety of applications and I am sure if you are regular practitioner, it will improve on the effects that you’re already doing. As I said the whole dvd is worth the any card any page number effect. I recommend this lecture highly for all magicians who want to refine their finesse and execution.

Inferno, prism deck and the applications of it, misdirection lessons with the phantom deck are great ideas you would rarely get. This lecture will surely raise your spectrum of thought in executing your magic.

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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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