Review: Banshees (Cards for Throwing) + Velocity (High-Caliber Card Throwing System by Rick Smith Jr.)

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Velocity / Banshee Cards Review

I got interested in card throwing as a kid. I guess all the Singaporeans out there about my age will recall the very super duper awesome TV show “双天至尊”. Yes it is still (in my memory) the best show ever. For all of you wondering what that is, it was a show where the main characters were super duper gamblers with CRAZY card skills.

At that time I had no idea what was CGI and special effects of course. So I tried throwing packs and packs of cards. They all just fluttered down like hail.

Fast forward to when I got into magic, one of the first things I learnt from my course instructor (who happened to be VP of IBM Ring 115) Enrico was a card spin. FINALLY I was fulfilling my childhood dreams. Then I saw Ricky Jay and of course was intrigued enough to find “Cards as Weapons” which popped my eyes for more than the card throwing (*I was young) (**Why isn’t there anything for the ladies???). Then subsequently I came across Rick Smith Junior (RSJ) and continued the card throwing little journey.  



Banshee Review

Throughout I tried different cards for throwing. From the standard bikes, to Aladdins, and also plastic cards and name cards. After trying the different cards, I went back to Bikes, which seemed the best (for me). When Banshee cards came out, I had to try them… and I did!

I noticed that the Banshee cards seem to fly a little further and the whistle for me was awesome. The whistle is not very loud, but enough to add to it. I also loved that the cards had a gauge for you to see how deep you managed to get the cards in. It did not seem to significantly improve my accuracy (although that could just be me).

My cards did also last a little longer than my usual cards which was awesome. The Banshees did cost more than the usual Bikes, but I thought the added value was enough for me. In shows especially, the card whistling can be very much a wow factor for people who hear it (especially when they do not know you have specially designed cards!). If you’re doing it just for fun, it can be very cool (to your friends I guess!) but you’d have to weigh out the price vs coolness.

All in all, if you do card throwing, definitely grab the Banshees. It’s time finally that someone designed cards specifically for card throwing – and they did! Awesome. ☺

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Velocity Review

The DVD is awesome. I already had some background in card throwing and it gave me a HUGE lot of tips in improving accuracy and most importantly for me, RSJ included a lot of ideas and tips from his own show.

Now as a professional magician, most times when I do buy something, I’m usually thinking of how it can go into my repertoire. When I got the DVD, I was actually not thinking of that at all. I was purely passionate and interested in card throwing. This was basically because I didn’t think that card throwing would be something I could do for an event. (I know Ricky Jay does it in his show, but it was a theatre setting and a totally different context.) However, when I got the DVD, I was very pleasantly surprised to find a lot of information from RSJ about how to do a card throwing show!

While it is not a direction I would pursue, this was something that was invaluable as I could actually foresee having card-throwing as one part of my show. Ideas he gave allowed me to be able to see how card throwing could be performed for an event and play very big.

For beginners, he introduced different grips and holds and all the details were taught well. The production value of the DVD is fairly high and very easy to sit through. (More likely though, you’d be tempted to start throwing cards once you can). Even if you already do know card-throwing, I think the tips (on the throws as well as the show part) are invaluable.

This is a very easy review – absolutely 9/10 stars.

Magic is our passion but we are not a magic shop ? You can purchase this here!

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