Review: Weapons (Deck and Online Video Instructions) by Eric Ross

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Weapons is a deck of Bicycle Rider back gaff cards.  It contains 50 gaff cards that can be used for both the red and blue Bicycle Rider back deck of cards.

I believe even a card magic purist would recognize that the use of an appropriate gaff card could lift the entertainment value of his magic by a significant level.

Together with the Weapons deck, you receive a password to download a video tutorial from the internet.  The video teaches 9 novel effects using some of the gaff cards:

  • Royal Switch – the Queen of Spades is placed face to face with the King of Hearts.  When the cards are separated, the Queen vanishes from her card (now blank) to be together with the King (now a couple card)!
  • Burn – a card (Three of Spades) is shown to be the wrong selected card (Jack of Hearts).  When a lighter is brought under the Three of Spades, this card becomes partially burnt to reveal the Jack of Hearts beneath its surface.
  • O’Farts – the Queen (or King) of Hearts is the chosen card.  Be careful how you pronounce “Hearts”, because when it is next shown, it changes to a goofy image of the Queen (or King) of “Farts”!
  • Red/Blue – a stranger back prediction card matches a freely selected card, then its back changes to match the rest of the cards.
  • Doug Conn’s Pip Trip – a visual movement of the 4 hearts pips forming the Four of Hearts, pip by pip, and they congregate at one corner of the card.
  • McDonald’s Aces – all the gaff Aces needed to perform this classic 4 Aces trick.
  • Falling Pips – a Ten of Diamonds is the wrong revelation of the chosen card, Two of Diamonds.  The Ten of Diamonds is tapped sharply on the table a couple of times and 8 of its pips drop to the bottom of the card, leaving 2 diamond pips to indicate the Two of Diamonds.
  • Lit by Dan White and Dan Hauss – a match book held by a spectator changes into a folded chosen card.
  • Princess Card – a double pip card that provides an effective “vanish” of a card in the deck.

In addition to the gaff cards that are used in the routines in the video, the deck also contains the following gaff cards:

  • 52 on one card.
  • Court card holding a miniature card.
  • Cigarette to card.
  • Coin on King of Diamonds.
  • Gaff cards for 3 card monte routine.
  • Blur card.
  • 4 and a half hearts card.
  • Double face: Joker/Ace of Spades.

Several of the routines shown in the video can be marketed individually.  You can also use the gaff cards in other ways to suit your personal performance – their use is limited only by your creativity.

The Weapons deck is a veritable addition to a magician’s arsenal.  It is great value for your investment.

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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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