Review: Black Door by Riccardo Berdini

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A revolutionary switching device that fits in your pocket.

Black Door allows you to force whatever you want in the cleanest way possible. Hands off. You put a bill, a card, a piece of paper inside the envelope and you hand it to the spectator. The switch is done.

You can now perform all your favorite effects without any effort.

Black Door comes with 2 envelopes (3′ x 4’5″) and 90 minutes instructional video explaining how to use it and several routines that you can perform with this amazing device.

These are some of the routines explained:

50/50 Prediction
Back Night Routine
Bill Switch
Serial Number divination
Card Force
Magazine Test
Lacuna effect
Mind reading
Add a number

Black Door opens possibilities we’ve never had before. It is the tool magicians and mentalists have always dreamed about.


Black Door by Riccardo Berdini is a superb switching device built into a normal, black envelope. You are provided with two gimmicked envelopes. It also comes with a 66 minutes video instruction by Riccardo Berdini.  During the hour long video, Riccardo discusses how to properly use and handle the gimmick envelopes. The instructions are thorough, clearly explained with very good camera work.

Riccardo shows and explains several routines using these envelopes including a terrific bank night routine using the two gimmicked envelopes. You display two black envelopes and you explain how one of the envelopes contains a $100.00 bill. With your power of suggestion, the spectator selects the envelope that that does not contain the $100.00 bill. The spectator himself can remove the business card or other contents. The envelope is otherwise empty. The spectator cam open and remove the contents without any fear of the spectator ascertaining the secret.  The other envelope is shown to contain the $100 bill and is also otherwise empty. It is a fun and entertaining routine and would make a terrific opener.

One of the downfalls of most Bank Night routines is the feeling that the performer conveys that he or she is superior to the spectator and that the spectator is a loser. Ricardo talks about this and explains how to properly perform a Bank Night routine without inadvertently sending a message to the audience that you are better than the spectator. 

Ricardo also demonstrates and explains another Bank Night type routine using four envelopes. You will need to purchase two sets of Black Door. It is a wonderful routine and a performer would be wise to invest in getting two sets of Black Door to do this routine. It can be done close-up or on stage.

Riccardo shows several more routines using playing cards and billets. There are countless ways that these superb envelopes can be used from drawing duplications, book tests, bill divinations and of course Bank Night routines.

The envelops are expertly crafted with heavy paper and they have endless possibilities.

My only real complaint is the cost. Even though they are made from heavy paper, they are still made from paper. Over time and constant use, eventually the envelopes will tear or crumple and become unusable.  I do not know if it is feasible in making these envelopes from Tyvek. The cost is $39.95 for two envelopes. The price could have been a bit less since eventually you will need to buy replacements. Hopefully in the near future Riccardo will offer refills. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful item. For the professional or the hobbyists, there are countless ways to use these wonderful, well-made envelopes.   Highly recommended. I am taking off 1 lucky charm for the price and it is highly recommended. 9 out of 10 lucky charms.

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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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