Review: Fixed Fate aka ‘Predicted Card at Predicted Number’ by Cameron Francis and Big Blind Media

[vc_row][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_custom_heading text=”Reviewer: John Teo”][vc_column_text]Pronouncing the name of this effect is quite a tongue-twister.  Try saying “Fixed Fate” without much hesitation.  In fact, Fixed Fate is more of a mind-twister.  It is a mental effect with a deck of playing cards with shades of ACAAN and has a comical and surprising ending.

In effect, a deck of blue back cards is cut several times so that the order of the cards is not known.

A spectator is asked to name any number between 5 and 20.  Let us say it is “15”.

The deck of cards is counted to the 15th card.  Let us say this is the Four of Clubs.  While dealing to the 15th card, all the other 14 cards can be seen to be different.  The deck is turned face upwards and spread to show that if the chosen number was greater than 15, they would arrive at a different card.

The Four of Clubs is tabled face upwards.  A folded prediction in the safe-keeping of another spectator is now opened and read.  It has a comical statement that is sure to cause smiles from the audience.  Finally, the Four of Clubs is turned over to show that it is the not the only card to have a different colour back (red) from the rest of the cards in the deck, there is also the chosen number “15” written boldly on its back!  This is a great ending to the effect.


You receive an instructional DVD and a deck of bicycle cards that is specially put together for this trick.  You need to write some numbers on the backs of some of these cards before you can perform the trick.  The instructions for doing this are provided in the well-produced DVD.

This effect has taken Cameron more than 2 years before he decides to release it to the market.  In the Introduction Section in the DVD, Cameron says that he opened his act in the Magic Castle in 2013 with this trick and that it had been very well received.

The effect is easy to do, and there is no sleight-of-hand.  It can be repeated with different numbers and cards.  The trick can be reset instantly as there are no sticky stuff, magnets or gimmicks to get rid of.  All the weak points in the routine have been cleverly ironed out with the use of this special deck.

In the bonus section in the DVD, Cameron mentions an alternative double kicker ending by John Guastaferro which you may want to use.  All in all, a tremendous effect with a surprise ending and with humour thrown in to increase its entertainment value.  

Magic is our passion but we are not a magic shop ? You can purchase this here!

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