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The hit trick “Bare” is back in a new and improved design. Cause a thought-of card, or initials, or a number, to APPEAR ON SOMEONE’S HAND. “Bare Mini” is the same amazing effect as “Bare,” but this version comes with a mini-Sharpie and a canister that allows you to carry everything… on your keychain.

The effect is tremendous: you pour coffee grinds or sand or salt onto the back of the spectator’s hand and as you rub it in, the lettering appears. “Bare Mini” is completely easy to do and requires no advance preparation with the spectator. The trick leaves no residue or stickiness on the spectator’s hands. It wipes away clean.

Bare Mini” comes with a mini-Sharpie that contains the same amount of the secret solution used in “Bare,” but in half the size. And, it comes with a small canister to conveniently store your sand or coffee grinds. As ever, Vanishing Inc. provides fun, detailed, clear instructions so you’ll be performing “Bare Mini” within minutes.

Includes gimmicked mini-Sharpie, keychain, canister, and online instructions.


Bare Mini by The Other Brothers is a revised version of their Bare effect which allows the performer to reveal words, cards, numbers, drawings or symbols on the spectator’s hand or on your own hand. Bare Mini takes the classic Ash on Hand trick to a new, modern level.

The basic effect is the spectator selects a playing card without revealing it to the performer. The performer takes out a container of pepper or ash and sprinkles it over the spectator’s hand. The image and identity of the selected card appear on the spectator’s hand outlined with the pepper or ash.  It is a direct, amazing and easy to perform routine.

Unlike the original Bare which uses a regular sized sharpie, Bare Mini uses a small, miniature sized sharpie. The special mini sharpie allows you to secretly write and transfer onto the spectator’s hand any word, drawing, number or playing card on your hand. The writing or image is invisible until you want it to appear by using pepper, ash or other suitable substance. The special substance contained in the mini sharpie will not dry out as long as the cap of the sharpie is on the tip. Once the word or image is secretly and invisibly drawn on your hand it will remain on your hand or the spectator’s hand for an hour or more without it drying out. The specially formulated substance will not leave any noticeable residue when the revealed image is wiped away.  

In the on-line tutorial The Other Brothers explain in detail how to secretly write and transfer the writing or image drawn on your hand onto your spectator’s hand. The gimmicked mini sharpie and their routining cleverly disguise the writing and the transferring of the information so that the entire sequence is hidden in plain sight. There are no live performances in the video tutorial, which would have been nice to see, but does not take away anything from the tutorial as teaching of the routines by The Other Brothers is comprehensive and they do perform the routines on each other.     

Besides the basic routine, The Other Brothers explain and show how to do a more advanced routine where the initials of a freely named person appears on the back of the spectator’s hand. This routine is terrific. The main difference in handling between the basic routine and the advanced routine is that with the basic routine you can be totally set up to perform before you start the effect whereas with the advanced routine you need to do some reverse writing while doing the effect. It is relatively easy to do but you need to practice how to write backwards. The Other Brothers give a lesson on how to do it.       

In addition to the actual mini sharpie, Mini Bare also comes with a small cannister that can contain the pepper or ash to be used and can be attached to your keychain. This is a practical and convenient method of storing what you need to put on your spectator’s hand as you always have it ready to perform.

The mini sharpie is an improvement to Bare. Bare uses a regular sized sharpie. It is easy to forget which sharpie is the specially gimmicked sharpie. With the mini sharpie, you automatically know that it is the gimmicked sharpie and is also very easy to carry as it takes up almost no pocket space. 

Bare Mini by The Other Brothers is a wonderful and thought out routine using well made, thoughtful props. It is easy to carry around and is something that you can and should carry with you all the time to do an amazing routine either as part of your regular set or as a spur-of- the-moment feat of magic. Highly recommended. 10 out of 10 lucky charms.  


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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