Review: Food To Go 2.0 by George Iglesias and Twister Magic

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After 10 years from his original launching, Food to Go 2.0 by George Iglesias has returned better than ever!

Imagine being able to magically produce a real BURGER and FRIES from a food Menu! Or a PRINGLES can and a SNICKERS bar! Or a Set of HEADPHONES. Now you can customize it to any other objects or menus you want.

Manufactured with the finest materials, very strong with a matte finish that is made to last forever!

A very powerful effect that will establish the magician’s role in seconds!

A classic of magic totally reshaped, brought ingeniously to the modern times by George Iglesias. Inspired by a U.F. Grant effect invented in 1945 well known as Temple Screen. The trick was completely re-designed, having 5 panels instead of 4, plus 7 neodymium magnets that will help you work this effect with ease for perfect alignment.

Get amazing reactions! A trick the packs flat… And plays very big!

Use it for stage, parlor, children, restaurant magic, MC, comedy and more!

Ready to use! Comes with the food menu already made for you and downloadable files to print and attach that now include: A snacks catalogue and a technology catalogue. Yes! You can now customize it to your own preferences.

Online instructional video included with all new handlings and ideas.

Effect 1: (Burger and Fries)

Show a food menu from both sides, showing different meals and options, then present the three main courses of the menu and ask your audience to name their favorite options. Turn the menu inside out, folding it into a triangle shape, stick your hand inside and magically make a real burger and fries materialize from the picture. Now open the menu to show that the picture of the burger and fries is gone!

Effect 2: (Pringles and Snickers)

Show a snacks menu from both sides, showing different food items and options, then present the three main snacks of the menu and ask your audience to name their favorite option. Turn the menu inside out, folding it into a triangle shape, stick your hand inside and magically make a real Pringles can and a Snickers bar materialize from the picture. Now open the menu to show that the picture of the Pringles and Snickers bar is gone!

Effect 3: (Headphones)

Show a technological catalogue from both sides, showing different electronic items and options, then present the three main featured electronics of the catalogue, ask now your audience to name their favorite option. Turn the menu inside out, folding it into a triangle shape, stick your hand inside and magically make real Headphones materialize from the picture. Now open the menu to show that the picture of the headphones is gone!

Effect 4 and +: (Customize it to anything you wish)

With Food to Go 2.0 you will learn from the video how to customize your menu to magically produce any object you wish!


We previously reviewed and enjoyed the last product by Peruvian performer/ magic creator, George Iglesias, and his newest release is quite similar in the sense that it utilises a clever sequence of folds to execute the magic. At first glance, Food To Go 2.0 does look like a variation of the classic Temple Screens, which have been used by kids birthday party magicians over the decades to produce anything like silks, spring bills, sponge balls, and more. So what is the difference, exactly?

Food To Go 2.0 is a smart update of U.F. Grant’s well-loved utility prop, using a similar principle but with a modern day menu/ catalogue as its main theme. Plastic coated and sturdy, the prop is well constructed with powerful hidden magnets, and should last you a long time with proper use and storage.

Also, since it embraces a food theme, where you can produce a real McDonald’s quarter pounder and full pack of fries (or if you prefer, a can of Pringles and a Snickers bar instead), you don’t have to worry about the impact of the built up of oil and food grease since the bag in Food To Go 2.0’s hidden compartment is easily removed and machine washable.

Now don’t panic if like me, you can’t find the secret password and URL initially… for some reason the info came stuck on the black savant bag so you’ll see it once you open up everything. In the 47 minute long online video hosted on Vimeo, a very patient George ensures all aspects are adequately covered. After various demonstrations of objects, he shares how he first came across the idea over a decade ago, before launching into different styles of handling (the fourth, i.e. the table method, is my personal favourite) which is filmed in different angles. The over shoulder camera shots in particular, come in useful in understanding which flaps to open when and how/ what to flip over.

The all important move for the production can be a tad finicky so be absolutely sure to practice well before a mirror (better yet, film yourself performing it) because there is a certain rhythm, finesse, and a knack to it. While the creator says it is angle proof, there is still a chance of unknowingly flashing it if you’re not mindful. This can easily happen if you have kids seated on the floor in front of you.

George has also mentioned that besides the current Food To Go 2.0 templates he has made available for free online, customers can expect more variations to come. At present, there is also an option for headphones if you use the electronic brochure artwork he has already made. While this is nice, you can very easily do some customisation as well. All these DIY tips for personalisation are discussed towards the tail end of the video.

Just to highlight what I consider a key point, but may not be that obvious to everybody: audience psychology and management is important to make this a believable miracle. If you’re a new performer nervous about pulling off equivoke convincingly, this essential aspect of the magician’s force is briefly touched on by George in the video. But I’d still encourage you to read up more about this extremely important mentalism method. Too often many muck this up in their shows, tragically killing the illusion of fairness and wonder for their audience.

Food To Go 2.0 is a handy production utility that would work very well for kids magicians and event emcees, to produce just about anything. Food is definitely a clever touch, since you can invite a spectator to take a bite off a burger to prove it’s the real thing. Let them keep that fresh can of Pringles! But having said that, the sky is the limit! You’ll have fun with this one 🙂


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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