Review: Lazy Man’s Penetrations by Danny Urbanus

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This is Lazy Man’s Penetrations, the best rubber band penetration you will ever see. An updated version of Bacon Fire’s Lazy man penetration/Lazy go. It was already a dream coming true. But it just got better. Now instantly penetrate a pen in and out of a rubber band — even penetrate it thru both layers of the rubber band. This is so visual it seems like visual effects.

You will learn 2 versions.

  • Penetrate a pen thru the top layer of the rubber band in and out
  • Penetrate a pen thru both layers of the rubber band.

– Easy to do
– Impromptu
– No gimmicks

So get a rubber band and a pen and let’s learn Lazy Man’s Penetrations!



No doubt a stunning visual effect that is already making waves on social media. The download comes with an instructional video, teaching two main variations, as well as an additional video of tips and tricks, with a third variation.

The 3 variations Danny Urbanus teaches are:

  1. the pen penetrates through the first strand of the rubber band, then back up the same strand.
  2. The pen penetrates the top strand, then continues to penetrate the bottom strand.
  3. The pen penetrates down a broken rubber band strand, then back up

He gives a clear explanation of the method, as well as the mechanics to how the effect happens, making it easy to understand. He also gives an over the shoulder teaching demonstration. The method is also straightforward, and relatively easy to execute. I was able to pick up the gist within 5-10 mins, and make a quick video within 30mins.

For me, (1) is the most straightforward of the three. (2) may take some extra practice as you will be moving your hands more, and (3) will require you to be able to grip the rubberband without it sliding off, which is slightly harder considering the rubberband is broken. 

In the additional video, Danny mentions this can be done with any rubberband, and with other objects apart from pens.

I Agree with him, I have been able to do this with standard rubber bands that you can buy from stationary stores, but it’s best done with Joe Rindfleisch elastraflex rubber bands. The extra elasticity of these rubber bands will give you a huge advantage and make mastering the effect much easier for you, also the rainbow colours make it much more visually appealing. 

As for other objects, it’s easily adaptable to do with keys, cutleries, and straws. Danny has also been able to do it with cards, and even a phone. From what I have tried, it can be done, but the bigger/bulkier the object, it will take extra practise to perfect it as you will need to be able to hold the object firmly at your fingertips. 

If you’re looking for a quick video to post on social media, this is perfect! If you perform with rubber bands regularly, this will be no biggie for you to pick up and will be a perfect visual trick to your profile. If you’re new to rubber band magic, you may take a little longer to pick it up, I won’t deny the sleights involved may take a bit of work, but if you put in that extra practice, you can still pick it up within a few days and will be a great video to start off your social media magic videos. 

But if you would like to perform this in your live close-up performances, then it may take a bit more work. Danny goes over how to go into set-up in front of a live audience, but the effect is not fully angle-proof, and you will require some audience management to ensure no one is on the exposed sides. 

But overall, this is a stunning visual totally worth investing in. Highly recommended!


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Ning Cai is a Singapore Literature Prize nominated author, who was also long listed for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize in 2016. A bestselling writer, she is also recognised for her illusionist/ escapologist stage character Magic Babe Ning, and recognised by Channel News Asia as South East Asia's first professional female magician.

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